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Sunday, 31 October 2010

And now for a quick word from our sponsors...

Do not worry, no actual sponsors are involved in this blog, however, this shall be a quick one...

Sorry, I'm running behind on blogs, this one is for Saturday.

Not a lot happened on Saturday really, had to get up earlyish though, Halle trusted me to do her paper round again.

What could go wrong, right?

Well, quite a lot frankly.

Halle has set out what I need to do in the simplest ways known to man, seriously, a little kid could understand what to do and do it with no problems...

Me on the other hand? Something is wrong with me, I swear, I can't follow the simplest instruction.

Halle highlights all of the houses I need to deliver to and even says "DON'T deliver to this house Lauren :)" on some of the ones I don't have to....

What happens?

I still manage to mess up.

I deliver to house 86 (Let's just go along with that) and by House 78, I realise that the house wasn't highlighted.


Had to go back, knock on the door and see if the man would be nice enough to give me the paper back.

Was he?

Don't know. He didn't answer the door.

Carried on, not much you could do after that. Delivered to a house with two letterboxes. Guys and gals, please don't have two different letterboxes. It kind of gives off a snooty vibe.

The flats wouldn't answer either. Fail. Carried on with the rest of the paper round and came back to them at the very end, one of them answered and then I had no more papers...

The other flat had it's chance.

But that wasn't a good feeling. Halle trusted me to do these papers and for the second week in a row, I've messed up...

Booo... sorry hun!

Ooooh, listening to "Only Girl in the world" by Rihanna, this is my new tune.

WARNING: Listening to this song will cause you to rave. Glow sticks at the ready guys.

Actually went back home and had a sleep after that. How boring?! 

Then X factor...

Same old, same old.

Went for a run in the car with my Dad though, was good, 

Light trails and the Wing mirror

Bumped into Jigsaw, you know, the guy from Saw.

I was freaked out.

Know what else is freaky?

Going to your Gran's old house, that is in COMPLETE darkness... On Halloween's Eve.... eeeek... Well scary!

Haha, went back to my house and took some pictures after that... Mum blew bubbles for me ^_^

Took absolutely ages.

The clocks went back too... Hour more in bed? YES PLEASE

Lauren xxx

P.S What happened to Demi Lovato?!

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