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Sunday, 17 October 2010

101 ways to say "Because you'll pay me"

"Why do you think you will enjoy working for Paperchase Products Ltd?"

Ahhhhh the question that pops up in every application form.

Now you know what you WANT to put in there. You want to write down, "Because you'll pay me".

But of course, no man or woman in history has got an interview by saying that.

So we make up stuff...

Stuff like:
1: It will help me gain confidence
2: It will help me develop as an individual
3: It will show me how to be a team player.
4: I like your uniform.

O.K. So mainly the first 3.

Anyway, that's what I'm doing just now.

Lies, that's what me and my Mum are doing.

Or my Mum is at least attempting to help, gotta love her.
ME: Go on Mum, what could I write for Why I would enjoy working for Paperchase?
MUM: Because they'll pay you!!
ME: Maybe if I was applying for Burger King! But c'mon Mum, this is a classy joint this, They even have a fancy Question mark!!
A day in the life of me eh?

Speaking of, went to Town with my Buds Halle and Ross today.

Good fun, got a lift in from Ross, he's away to be sitting his Theory in the next few days, so keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed for him.


Actually, just keep your fingers and toes crossed for him, you might scare little children if you started walking about with your eyes permanently crossed.

Went to see the Social Network today, EPIC movie, David Fincher delivers again!!

He used Tilt shift, yah know, the photography technique to make objects look tiny ^_^

Always wanted to learn how to do that, anyone got Fincher's number?

Cannibal chicken was my favourite part of the whole movie, such a laugh! Still doesn't come close to Inception though, film of the decade in my opinion.

Ummmm... woah... completely forgot everything that happened today!!

Going bowling tomorrow anyway.

I always fail at bowling. Love it though. Last time, I got SIX gutter balls in a row. Chloe... I want a re-match.


X factor? Anyone watch it?

Who's your favourites? Mines are:

MARY! Rebecca, Matt and Aiden. And Paije. But only cause he's a sweetie pie and he works at a cinema (VIVA LA MOVIES)

But as you can tell, Mary is my favourite!

Love her attitude and her cuteness but oh god that voice.

Wish that Diva Fever didn't go home tonight, don't mind so much about storm to be honest, but really gutted for Diva Fever (BARBRA STREISAND!)

Am quite tired now... Was up till 3 in the morning, haha, watched Kill Bill vol. 2.

Tarintino rules, he has a thing for symmetrical things in this movie, you watch it! Pai Mei is EXACTLY symmetrical!!

Lauren xxx

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